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What did the European Affordable Housing Consortium achieve in only 24 months?

The results of the capacity building programme of the Affordable Housing Initiative

Brussels, Belgium, 21 February 2024 | Published in Future of the EU & Housing

Two years ago, Housing Europe and 9 committed partners were tasked by the European Commission with the take-off of the European Affordable Housing Initiative. We accepted the challenge and created a rich and diverse capacity-building programme that provided a set of tools on how to renovate homes for people and have a strong social impact on communities. Our partnership also believed that peers with solid experience must meet and share in detail their renovation path.

3 Blueprints with tried and tested approaches which will answer your questions on how to plan and implement innovative renovations that leave no one behind.

They will help public, cooperative, social housing providers, SMEs, and cities to answer their questions on the following topics.

  • Project implementation and financial feasibility
  • Technology and digital applications
  • Social inclusiveness and liveability

22 Supported districts from different corners of Europe that received tailored support for their renovation project.

13 Mentors helped local actors improve their renovation projects in one-to-one sessions.

4 Study visits helped about 40 public, cooperative, social housing providers, cities, and SMEs to understand from peers how projects have come to life.

A Funding Simulator that provides a snapshot of existing public and private finance that can be used for renovation projects at the district level.

450+ engaged housing providers, cities, SMEs through conferences and trainings.

Watch this 3-minute video that provides a feeling of the work that has been done.

The final event of the initiative was an opportunity to put a face on the names and the people who went the extra mile to support the social and affordable housing providers, SMEs, or cities that were looking for answers to how renovation can be inclusive and exemplary.

Some of the most active mentors of the European Affordable Housing Consortium were...

Muris Kodzaga from Hilfswerk International
William Nelissen from Wonen in Limburg in Flanders
Sylwia Słomiak, from ssas and Eurocities
Fabien Lasserre from the French social housing company, Vilogia
Sven Buch from Himmerland Boligforening, winner of a New European Bauhaus award
OttO Höller from tafkaoo architects gmbh

We must build on the energy, cooperation, and strong connections that were established in the past two years.

A long-term partnership and funding are the main ingredients for an Affordable Housing Partnership and there is political commitment to deliver, Anna Athanasopoulou – Head of Unit for Proximity, Social Economy, and Creative Industries at European Commission’s DG'GROW concluded.

Re-watch the final conference at the EU Committee of the Regions here.

Check the official website:


The European Affordable Housing Consortium (SHAPE-EU) is the point of reference for a socially-inclusive Renovation Wave. Its mission is to support affordable housing providers, public authorities, and SMEs to deliver renovations that go the extra mile in terms of technological innovation, people-centred models, or experimental engagement practices with residents. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Single Market Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101069909