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New rules for a more responsible and transparent short-term rental sector

Strong support from the European Parliament and adopted new legislation

Brussels, Belgium, 29 February 2024 | Published in Economy, Future of the EU & Housing

The European Parliament adopted harmonised requirements on how data related to short-term rental services (STRs) should be collected and shared, with 493 votes in favor, 14 against, and 33 abstentions.

This regulation aims to promote a transparent and responsible platform economy in the EU, while protecting consumers from fraudulent short-term rental offers. Rapporteur Kim Van Sparrentak from the Greens said: "Cities are experiencing a spike in illegal short-term holiday rentals. This is making cities across Europe harder to live in and less affordable. This law requires platforms to share their data with local authorities, allowing them to better enforce rules for vacation rentals so housing remains accessible for residents.''

In the past years, Housing Europe has been vocal about the fact that short-term rental platforms have been enabling the illegal subletting of public, cooperative, and social housing. Today we see a step forward and cities will have a bigger decision power but we also must bear in mind that municipalities are already overburdened and monitoring of illegally-let homes might not be up-to-speed, therefore, strong monitoring of the implementation at local level will be needed.