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Housing Europe wraps up the work with the EU Belgian Presidency

What was done for fair, decent housing in just a few months?

Brussels, Belgium, 30 April 2024

After months of dedicated effort, our Housing Europe team, handpicked by the EU Belgian Presidency to provide significant support and aid in the organisation of the ministerial conference, has successfully concluded its collaboration with the government.

This milestone marks another crucial step forward towards establishing fairer housing systems across Europe. On March 5, housing ministers from across the European Union convened in the Belgian city of Liège for a pivotal gathering. The objective? To devise actionable solutions aimed at enhancing access to affordable, quality housing for all citizens within the EU while advocating for sustained European funding for public, cooperative, social housing organisations.

Housing Europe's President, Bent Madsen, took the stage to shed light on the current state of housing affairs, and articulated the urgent need for a new housing paradigm. His presentation underscored the pressing importance of reshaping our approach to housing policy.

Today, the Liège Declaration has gained near-unanimous support from Member States. This collective commitment serves as a powerful reminder of our shared mission to enhance accessibility to affordable housing throughout the European Union. Have you gone through it? You can now also read the background note we prepared for the EU Presidency together with our member in Wallonia, SWL.