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CECODHAS Housing Europe appoints new Secretary General

Brussels, 31 March 2014 | Published in Energy, Urban, Economy, Social

The end of 2013 signals the beginning of a new era for CECODHAS Housing Europe since the time a secretariat has been established in Brussels.

Claire Roumet was appointed as the CECODHAS face in the capital of Europe in 2000, being thus the Secretary General. After 14 years in a row, Claire has decided that it is time for a professional swift and this means that the page will also turn in the history of the organization. A whole secretariat was gradually built around and led by Claire for more than 12 years, monitoring all relevant policy developments and advocating for the affordable housing sector in Brussels.

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The former Deputy Secretary General, Sorcha Edwards is taking over from March 2014 onwards as Claire’s successor and will lead the presence of CECOCHAS Housing Europe in the Brussels scene, starting at a rather challenging pre-electoral time.

We have asked Claire to share her most powerful memory from all these 14 years at CECODHAS Housing Europe:

“We have to make on offer to EU policy makers they cannot refuse”, that was one lobby lesson from David Orr which helped us to make a major breakthrough to finally put housing at the top of the agenda, especially as an answer to the crisis. 
CECODHAS Housing Europe is recognised in Brussels for this positive thinking and because members do deliver, we are more than nice words. This is the spirit of the team, the spirit of the network, the spirit I will share now in my future job.”