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Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument


TAIEX is the ‘Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument’ of the European Commission which supports public administrations with regard to the enforcement of EU legislation as well as facilitating the sharing of EU best practices (workshops, study visits, etc.).


What is in TAEIX for housing providers?

As the TAIEX mostly focusing on the neighbourhood and accession countries, it would be interesting for several Housing Europe members from the Eastern and Southern region:

  • Turkey, Albania, Armenia, northern part of Cyprus, Kosovo
  • EU Member States in the framework of administrative cooperation with DG Regio, DG Envi and DG SGs' Structural Reform Support Service.

TAIEX assistance targets

  • Mostly civil servants and
  • Representatives of their social partners, trade unions and employers’ associations

Very importantly, TAIEX does not provide direct support to civil society, private citizens or to individual companies. It means, therefore, cooperation is required with Ministries to be able to benefit from the assistance.

Methods of assistance

It is needs-driven and delivers tailor-made expertise to address issues at short notice in 3 ways:

•Workshops: EU Member State experts present specific areas of EU legislation in workshops to a large number of beneficiary officials.

•Expert missions: EU Member States expert(s) are sent to the beneficiary administration to provide in-depth advice on the transposition, implementation or enforcement of a specific part of EU legislation.

•Study visits: a group of three practitioners from a beneficiary administration take part in a study visit to an EU Member State’s administration.

How can TAIEX beneficiaries apply for assistance?

The Ministry should initiate the help from the European Commission (Officials dealing with community legislation, staff from regulatory or supervisory bodies and inspectorates, officials in notified bodies which implement or enforce legislation as well as officials in Parliaments, the Judiciary and Law Enforcement Agencies) through the application link