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ELENA - European Local ENergy Assistance Fund by the EIB

What is in there for our sector?

The ELENA programme (European Local Energy Assistance) is a tool by the EIB that offers substantial technical assistance, covering up to 90% of project development costs. It's designed specifically for projects aimed at enhancing energy efficiency in both residential and non-residential buildings. This grant can support various aspects, including technical studies, energy audits, business planning, financial and legal advice, tendering processes, project bundling, and project management. It serves regional, local, and municipal authorities, as well as public corporations.


ELENA is suitable for renovation projects or aggregated projects exceeding €30 million, with a three-year implementation timeframe. It allows for combining with other grants as long as there is no duplication of funding for the same tasks. The challenging part of ELENA lays within the obligation to link the project development assistance to a planned investment programme of minimum €20 million (with a min of 3-year implementation period) given that it cannot be utilized for helping an existing program. On the other hand, the key advantage of ELENA is that the final beneficiary (applicant) does not necessarily have to be the one who is finally implementing the investment.

Types of financing

Support encompasses feasibility and market studies, programme structuring, energy audits, and tendering preparation. The remaining 10% of co-financing is the responsibility of the beneficiary, and pre-financing options are available, with 40% payable at the project's outset.

Currently, ELENA backs the implementation of programmes for energy-efficient refurbishments and renewable energy investments. These initiatives are expected to facilitate building inspections, energy audits, studies for PV installations and energy storage, bundling of cost-effective investment programmes, evaluation of financial instruments, and the tendering process for construction works, including bid evaluation and quality monitoring.

5.2.4. Example of completed project: Energy efficiency in social housing – Frederikshvn Housing Association (January 2019– December 2022) 

ELENA contributed up to 90% of the total project development statement costs. The ELENA team provided support to facilitate the successful execution of extensive energy efficiency refurbishment programmes and renewable energy investments across a portfolio of 113 projects managed by the association.

Within the housing association, the ELENA team, consisting of eight individuals comprising both existing and newly-hired staff (working either part-time or full-time), integrated its expertise. Furthermore, the ELENA secretariat received support from external consultants.

The core responsibilities of the ELENA secretariat encompassed:

  • Managed all the technical assistance needed during the project;
  • Ensured the communication with all the project’s stakeholders;
  • Established a contractual framework for the use of external consultants and sign and monitor the consultancy contracts;
  • Carried out buildings’ inspections and energy audits, as well as studies for PV installations and energy storage;
  • Assessed the most cost-efficient solutions to carry out the renovations

How to apply?

Application form:

Contact persons : Louise White, Team Leader

PIONTEK Andreas, Project Advisor