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Reports of Activities

Our highlights throughout the years

Housing Europe has been the voice of public, cooperative and social housing providers in Brussels for more than 32 years. Follow us on a trip throughout the years with our collection of Activity Reports below.


Renewal & Revival of Public, Cooperative & Social Housing

Housing Europe's 2020 Yearbook



I kicked off my term as a President with the guiding principle that welfare is no longer only measured in prosperity but is how we thrive and feel. Right at the start, I witnessed how the Housing Europe network can move mountains in a short period to protect tenants and residents.

This pandemic leaves us without a doubt and will add to the huge amount of evidence out there already about the adverse impact of poor-quality homes on people’s physical health, and indeed the adverse impact on their life chances generally.

So, the term adequacy is already taking on a new meaning. These few years will be a moment for renewal and revival of social and affordable housing, a rare chance to provide #NextGeneration neighbourhoods where our communities can live a full life in all its potential.

The sector knows best how to contribute to minimising inequalities and our joint efforts within Housing Europe, as well as with policymakers, cities and key fellow organisations can shape the post-pandemic reality our communities want to live in.

This 2020 Yearbook already sets the tone.



In the past year, we saw the core values of members coming to the fore during the COVID-19 period. What really kept the Housing Europe team going is the fact that we are very proud to work for the sector and the wellbeing of society.

The combination of the new recognition of the sector and the importance of having a decent home is a turning point. There is a clear momentum for more political support on all levels - local, regional, national and European level. The work on the Renovation Wave, the EU Affordable Housing Initiative and New European Bauhaus is an opportunity to go through a real social green transition. Housing 2030 - our joint initiative with the UNECE and UN-Habitat – will be eye-opening for many governments, helping to see the multilayered benefits of social and affordable housing, not just in the short-term, but for generations.

Looking ahead, our 2021 edition of the ‘State of Housing in Europe’ report will demonstrate that the phrase ‘Housing is Healthcare’ has never been so true and that more social, cooperative, public means that more people are shielded from unexpected economic and social shocks. The upcoming Renovation Summit and Social Housing Film Festival will continue making the case that the sector knows best how to connect the dots between affordability, climate-proof homes and social inclusion.

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