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Our Vision

The Housing Europe family after our General Assembly in June 2022 in Helsinki
The Housing Europe family after our General Assembly in June 2022 in Helsinki

We, not-for-profit, public, cooperatives, and social housing providers, have a vision of a Europe which provides access to decent and affordable housing for all in communities which are socially, economically and environmentally sustainable and where all are enabled to reach their full potential.

We provide housing for socially sustainable neighbourhoods

Our unique offer:

  • We provide good quality homes for all, delivering housing and services to meet a diversity of needs including those of the most vulnerable
  • We increase the supply of housing. We support people by providing a wide range of services
  • Our commitment is for long term
  • We build, manage and stay to create sustainable communities. Residents are at the centre of our decision making

We could do more, if:

  • The right to housing for all was enforceable and supported by appropriate political and financial measures
  • Our mission to create an empowering environment for all is widely recognised and politically supported
  • A commitment to end homelessness was adopted across Europe and sufficient means made available to it

We contribute to economically sustainable neighbourhoods

Our unique offer:

  • We create added value, which is invested in the places where we work for the benefit of local residents
  • We have a long-term commitment to building sustainable communities of mixed incomes and tenures with education, employment and training opportunities.
  • We contribute to growth and financial stability at regional and local level

We could do more if:

  • The social enterprises we embrace were recognised and supported to deliver economically sustainable communities
  • The housing dimension was better integrated in renewed local governance

We contribute to environmentally sustainable neighbourhoods

Our unique offer:

  • We are leaders in building green and sustainable homes to the highest standards possible and affordable within our means
  • We reduce energy demand in our buildings to prevent pollution and reduce energy poverty
  • We create sustainable neighbourhoods in partnership with other organisations

We could do more if:

  • A reduced rate of VAT was introduced for energy efficiency products of existing homes
  • EU structural funds were made available for refurbishment work
  • The EU introduced programmes and legislation to tackle fuel poverty