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Reports of Activities

Our highlights throughout the years

The 2018 cover | Design: Diane Morel
The 2018 cover | Design: Diane Morel

Housing Europe has been the voice of public, cooperative and social housing providers in Brussels for more than 30 years. Follow us on a trip back in 2018 as well as in the highlights of the previous years with our collection of Activity Reports below.


Our Secretary General, Sorcha Edwards introduces the 2018 Yearbook

Time for Housing Europe to re-think our society’s approach to Housing and our role in shaping the future we want

2018 marked Housing Europe’s 30th anniversary. One of the many highlights of year was our first ever Housing Europe Leaders’ summit. The summit revealed a joint recognition of the radically different European and global housing environment compared to when the sector first came together at European level 30 years ago. The global housing challenge, linked in some cases to under-investment and growing financialization of the housing market, mean that more and more people face housing exclusion and homelessness in Europe. Housing Europe Members came together to compare and contrast how they are leading their members through this rough and changing housing landscape.  This intense day of exchange has also provided valuable insights for the team in Brussels and has helped us to increase our impact on your behalf. Members’ examples have helped to feed our outstanding annual conference on Liveability & Affordability in the Digitized City organised as part of our General Assembly with our Estonian member, EKYL.

Housing Europe’s Observatory Director Alice Pittini has been brought on board as an expert in a High-Level Taskforce on Investing in Social Infrastructure in Europe ensured that the collective voice of the sector been reflected in in the taskforce’s report backed by the European Commission. The report identifies a gap of 57 billion EUR annual investment in adequate, affordable housing. These figures have in turn helped to shape the post-2020 EU investment proposal. Also on the financial front, Edit Lakatos has been tracking and influencing each step in the preparation of the post-2020 budget and feeding in your comments to the new package, building on the on the sectoral view of use of EU funds in housing. As Policy Director, Julien Diol’s priority this year on the advocacy field has been the new EU energy Package as well as tracking developments in policy areas including VAT, Financial regulation and of course housing and how it is handled in the new Social Pillar.  

Our focus within the team in Brussels has been to show policy makers at all levels, but particularly as we enter the urban age when it comes to housing policy, how the sector is engaged to bring about change in areas like youth and housing exclusion, integration of migrants, high prices and lack of productivity in the  construction sector, the digital revolution, fair energy transition, getting Housing First right – Just some of the issues where the collective experience and intelligence of the Housing Europe membership has been channelled by the team here at the secretariat, in a process led by Communications Director Michalis Goudis, into briefings, podcasts, articles and conferences as well as through forums like the Housing Partnership under the EU Urban Agenda where Housing Europe was partner. 

In times of instability and risk, the only way to manage is to push the frontiers in the way we want them to go. In 2018, Housing Europe has put the groundwork in place for a radical approach to boosting innovation in the sector with the first point of entry being the transition to the circular economy and to be expanded in to a tool which will present all the flagship projects leading the way in future proofing our housing sectors and cities. Sébastien Garner has joined the team as Innovation and Project Manager to ensure this gets the attention it deserves. And Abderrahim Khairi is on board as Membership Officer to ensure that members are fully involved along the way.

Now, we prepare for what 2019 brings, including the second edition of the International Social Housing Festival on the theme ‘Our Planet, Our Cities, Our Homes’ In Lyon as we continue as a sector to make a contribution to shaping the society of the future.

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