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Reports of Activities

Our highlights throughout the years

Housing Europe has been the voice of public, cooperative and social housing providers in Brussels for 30 years. Follow us on a trip back in 2017 as well as in the highlights of the previous years with our collection of Activity Reports below.


Our Secretary General, Sorcha Edwards introduces the 2017 Yearbook

2018 sees us reaping the fruits of our focus on improving the financial and legal framework for housing providers. The open access to European Structural Funds for housing has resulted in 1.8 billion € invested between 2009 and 2014; A potential 6.5 billion € between 2015 and 2020 for renovation of existing housing but also new construction.

Our facilitation of contact between the European Investment Bank & the Council of Europe Development Bank and social housing organisations or intermediaries has seen the number of loans rise to € 6.5 billion for new construction and renovation of social housing. Banking Supervision rules as agreed by the Basel committee now take into account the specific and low risk nature of lending to social housing and therefore ensure favourable capital requirement for banks and institutions lending to social housing;

As every yearbook, this one also takes a look back at the past year and in the case of 2017, this is a rather pleasant thing to do. In the first half of the year we have been actively involved in the preparation of the first ever International Social Housing Festival, a unique celebration of the work of our sector that took place in Amsterdam in June.

In autumn 2017 the publication of the State of Housing in the EU 2017, our biennial compass of Europe's housing sector has been a big success, picked up by numerous media outlets, researchers, civil society and other organisations across our continent.

2018 will be a key year for a number of reasons. It is the first year of implementation of the new Work Plan of Housing Europe that was presented in our latest General Assembly. It will lead us to the European Elections 2019, while it will probably prove to be a turning point for Europe with the Brexit negotiations still advancing.

At the same time, the first quarter of the year will see another negotiation, the one of the EU budget 2020-2027 that will be key for our sector, too. This is why we have started 2018 by joining the Cohesion Alliance to put our voice together leading European associations of cities and regions and the European Committee of the Regions to make cohesion policy stronger, more effective, visible and available for every region in the European Union.

This year we will be marking the 30 years since the first statutory executive committee of CECODHAS on March 4th 1988. These historical moments still remind all of us working daily for Housing Europe of our common vision and serve as our compass for the future. You may also sense in the publication you are now holding in your hands.

Enjoy the read!

Download and read the 2017 edition below...